Assasination rogue weakauras

As I main a rogue til the arrival of Demon Hunters I decided to go make an Assasination spec as well, so here is the set of Weakauras I use at the moment:



  • Pikay Reply

    Hi. First of all, thank you very much for all your work! Is there a possibility to add “Surge of Toxins” ( Since Patch 7.1.5 it’s a buff to keep an eye on – I think this would be highly appreciated by the assa-community.

  • Spoot Reply

    can’t see garrot debuff and garrot cd :s

  • Saltcreek Reply

    Hello, I cant get agonizing poison to show up, there are no stacks when I attack. I have downloaded and imported all the strings so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

  • coop11 Reply

    It only track’s 5 combo poins.

    • Sovin - Felrage Admin
      Sovin – Felrage Admin Reply

      It should track all. After 5 it works reversed with red colors from right to left

  • vlk Reply

    The Hemo/rupture/garrote doesnt show : (

    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      Those are a different string, the debuffs. You need to import that one as well.

      • vlk Reply

        ah ty for quick answer

  • Valixstrasza Reply

    I don’t know how to thank you, you did a great job !!!
    But i have to admit it, weak auras it’s not “User-Friendly” and for this reason i want to ask you if you will create a video tutorial about thise string and how to create a good rogue / Demon hunter aura .
    Thank you again for your macro, have a nice game !
    Valix from Italy <3

    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      Ty! I will add annotations to the videos at a later point, time is my biggest enemy 😉

  • Nelson Reply

    Some the best WA strings I’ve seen…man, I hope you get the time or desire to create some for DKs. I must have your WA setup for my DKs lol

  • Doku Reply

    Damn you make the sexiest weakauras I’ve ever seen

  • Edoz Reply

    Why it’s not the same base of Outlaw UI ? It’s strange :/

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