Assasination Rogue Weakauras

Assasination rogue weakauras preview 

Weakaura strings

Assasination Rogue main (press to expand)

  • Assasination Rogue main

Assasination Rogue debuffs (press to expand)

  • Assasination Rogue debuffs :

Rogue CP (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue CP :

Rogue misc cooldowns (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue misc cooldowns :

Changelog: Changed the look of the auras a little bit and added a combo point string (set to assasination only) , so you can choose if you want them to be shown on top or bottom.


Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Can I use the Weakauras only at max level?
No, you can use these Weakauras at any level, abilities you do not have yet will simply not show up, but will, once you level up and/or take the new talent(s).


  • Sap Blatter Reply

    Custom WA setup with TB
    I’ve removed the ap icon and then copied the KB wa and changed them to Toxic Blade, seems to work fine for me and i uploaded the script to this paste bin.

    • Rog Reply

      Yo, man, tks for updating it… I really love ur work. The only issue I am facing with this new string is I the bar does not show the CD remaining on Vendetta and TB, only red when on CD and colorful when rdy. Any ideas?

      • Rog Reply

        Also, Garrote seems not to be loading at all.

        • Rog Reply

          Fixed the CD thing by replacing %s by %p and was missing the debuffs aura, seems to be working just fine now. Great work, Sap Blatter.

  • TrionTheRogue Reply

    Will the WA be updated for 7.2.5 ?

    • ToBeHonest Reply

      I really enjoy this WA aswell. Tried so many but this is by far the best for me personally.

      “Sap Blatter” posted his version of it, which imho is quite wrong since you can’t copy the KB and just adapt that to Toxic Blades, since this doesn’t work like KB.

      You can check out my version here, which also includes optional cooldowns and such. I’ve also tweaked the SoT bar somewhat.

  • ken Reply

    I”m having an issue with garrote, rupture, and hemo no showing up in 7.2. Any sort of fix for that?

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