Assasination Rogue Weakauras

Assasination rogue weakauras preview 

Weakaura strings

Assasination Rogue main (press to expand)

  • Assasination Rogue main

Assasination Rogue debuffs (press to expand)

  • Assasination Rogue debuffs :

Rogue CP (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue CP :

Rogue misc cooldowns (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue misc cooldowns :

Changelog: Changed the look of the auras a little bit and added a combo point string (set to assasination only) , so you can choose if you want them to be shown on top or bottom.


Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Can I use the Weakauras only at max level?
No, you can use these Weakauras at any level, abilities you do not have yet will simply not show up, but will, once you level up and/or take the new talent(s).


  • Luke Reply

    So u need to have this ui installed to have the weak auras show correctly? Mine dont light up when used. timer works but no visual lighting. No option for caith but i assume thats the ui name

  • Bilal Öztürk Reply

    I tried wit yandex and chrome and firefox and opera and edge and internet explorer. Still there is no wa codes!

  • berkcan Reply

    i cant see the wa codes. problem is on me or another thing ?

  • Praxis Reply

    Thanks for the package, works great.

    I recently swapped to AP and noticed that KB no longer tracks stacks. if i use DP its fine. i tried changing DP to AP in the custom trigger but didn’t do anything,

    Any ideas? I’d perfer not to re-install the string if possible. thanks again!

  • Euphrum Reply

    If you have subterfuge and you open with garrote, it doesn’t change the color of the timer indicating it has been a buffed garrote. It only works while you have subterfuge buff (which you do not have at the stealth opener).

  • bigfisch Reply

    Can’t see garotte and rupture anymore on the main. Thanks a ton for these btw, very useful.

  • Bilal Reply

    I cant see the wa codes.

  • Withrdraw Reply

    Strange bug, the energy text on assassination is showing through any UI elements, like the map or adventure guide or bank.

    • Withrdraw Reply

      Additionally the Elaborate Planning bar is enabled even if talent is not selected. Quick solution to the above problem and this one.

      To fix the Energy Bar Text bug: the Frama Strata dropdown must have “inherited” selected

      To fix the ELPL bug; make sure to have the Load condition of “Talent Selected” Elaborate Planning active.

  • Martin Malček Reply

    please may I ask? could you make me a poison warning? I mean for cooldowns when theres like last 1 minute warning until poision wears of. By weak auras.

  • jeff Reply

    Can you add two piece debuff tracking?

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