FELRAGE UI examples:

  • Felrage UI
    Felrage UI 1920x1080 (wide)


  • Step 1
    Back-up your previous Interface and WTF folders.
    Download and drop the Interface-, Fonts- and WTF-folders in your WoW directory
  • Step 2
    Head into the WTF folder and make sure to rename these folders to your details:
    WTF/account/YOUR-ACCOUNT – change to the name of your wow account
    WTF/account/YOUR-ACCOUNT/YOUR-SERVER – change to the name of the server you play on
    WTF/account/YOUR-ACCOUNT/YOUR-SERVER/YOUR-CHARACTER – change to the name of your character
  • Step 3
    Now start World of Warcraft.
  • Step 4
    Make sure to check these profiles if anything looks not in place:
    Bartender (/bt) – Default (if you wish to play w/o bars: /bt -> Bar 1 -> Visibility -> Fade out or always hide)
    Shadowed Unit Frames (/suf) – Default (if you wish to hide the playerframe out of combat: /suf -> Player -> Enable Combat Fader)
    Castbars (/castbars) – Default
    Raven (/raven) – Default
    KGPanels (/kgpanels config) – Default
    SLDT (/sldt global) – Sovv-Kazzak
    Skada (/skadaconfig) – Default
    Prat (/prat) – Default
    Sexymap (/sexymap) – Default/Global Profile
    Masque (/masque) – Default

It is recommended to use the Curse Client to keep the addons up-to-date.