Havoc Demon Hunter Weakauras

Havoc Demon Hunter weakauras preview

Weakaura strings

Felrage Havoc MAIN (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MAIN:  Last update: 07-08-2016

Felrage Havoc ROW 1 GCD (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc ROW 1 GCD: Last update: 20-06-2016

Felrage MISC BUFFS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MISC BUFFS:  Last update: 20-06-2016

Felrage MISC CDS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MISC CDS:  Last update: 20-06-2016

FelrageBARS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc BARS:  Last update: 20-06-2016


Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Can I use the Weakauras only at max level?
No, you can use these Weakauras at any level, abilities you do not have yet will simply not show up, but will, once you level up and/or take the new talent(s).

Explanation of colors & alpha:

In combat: full colors on action useable, alpha on not enough fury for the attack(s).
Out of combat: alpha, lowered brightness, additional Fel Barrage stacks only showing in combat.
Cooldown: abilities turn RED, cooldowns turn GREY

The first row is focussed on general Fury-spenders:
– Row 1 – Aura 1: Chaos Strike (Demonform=Annihilation) (global cooldown optional)
– Row 1 – Aura 2: Blade Dance (Demonform=Death Sweep) (global cooldown optional)
– Row 1 – Aura 3: Throw Glaive (with stacks when talented Master of the Glaive) (global cooldown optional)
– Row 1 – Aura 4: Eye Beam (global cooldown optional)

The second row consists of DPS cooldowns (hidden out of combat, except when on cooldown):
– Row 2 – Aura 1: Metamorphosis
– Row 2 – Aura 2: Level 110 talents (Fel Barrage (got an additional aura as seen in the slideshow above) & Chaos Blades)
– Row 2 – Aura 3: Artifact
– Row 2 – Aura 4: Level 106 talents (Momentum, Fel Eruption & Nemesis)
– Row 2 – Aura 5: Fel Rush (counts stacks and cooldown in between stacks)


All other cooldowns of abilities will only be visible when used to track their cooldown, the rule here is: no icon = off cooldown.

The bars are a seperate group so you can move them to a position of your own liking.


August 14 2016: Changed the bars to include Fel Rush (and stacks) & Vengeful Retreat.
August 09 2016: Loadconditions on the bottombar-abilities only show in combat or when OFF cooldown now, you can revert this if you want by unticking the load in combat only box & added Kib’s predictive fury bar.
June 23 2016: Artifact and level 106 talents (Momentum, Fel Eruption & Nemesis) swapped places, when Momentum as talent Vengeful Retreat is placed next to Fel Rush.

June 22 2016: Changed having an icon for a crit on Chaos Strike & Annihilation to a green bar on the left side of the icon to avoid clutter (MAIN string).


  • MUTE Reply

    Plan to update it when new patch hits? Looks like they’re moving some talents around, not sure if it will screw up the current layout.

  • Kim Andreas Reply

    been using this for a while 😀 really enjoying it. I’ve noticed 1 bug tho, whenever I start gliding I get the Vengeful Retreat icon for 1 sec on Misc CD’s :O don’t know how to fix it.

      • Roger Reply

        This is the only annoying thing about this setup, everything else is great! Please advise if you know how to fix the VR icon when gliding

  • Adrian Reply

    I love what you’ve done. Unfortunately it’s not working properly for me. All Except Main is working. Main is not showing neither Chaos Strike for me or even changes opacity to full when im hitting a target. It’s basically the same as in outside combat but with GCD on 3/4 of the attacks…

    I also cannot remove the glow around some CDs. I tried removing the string of text in Action I believe.

    Thanks in advance!

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