Havoc Demon Hunter Weakauras

Havoc Demon Hunter weakauras preview

Weakaura strings

7.1 Havoc-Felrage (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MAIN:  Last update: 11-01-2017

Misc cooldowns auras(press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MAIN:  Last update: 11-01-2017


Last update: 29-01-2017.



Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Help! I do not get the same look and/or icons stay dark and alpha does not work!
Make sure to DISABLE addonskins for Weakauras within Elvui.


  • Robert Pippet Reply

    Annihilation still doesn’t light up when fury is there after pasting whole thread 3 times still ceases to light up.

  • Cl Reply


    Here’s a screencap of how Annihilation behaves for me, as you can see I’m at 100 Fury and it’s still showing as grey. This is with a freshly copy/pasted string with no alterations.


    All the others are working fine.

      • Yodai Reply

        I just tried this WA on Beta, but I can’t seem to find Momentum in this WA, it only shows (Meta, Fel Barrage, FoTI, Vengeful Retreat, Fel Rush) on the bottom row :S

        • Sov - Felrage Admin
          Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

          It is in the changelog of june 23, Momentum shows as bar now (easier to track), import the “Felrage Havoc BARS” to have it shown.

  • Oddun Reply

    Really nice job, enjoying so far. Only issue I have is when I pop Meta, the Annihilation icon doesn’t correctly light up ‘when usable’ – it remains greyed out. Any thoughts?

  • Cleft Reply

    Just downloaded these and they seem to be placed a little bit off. The GCD for main spenders is above the icon. A big space up to the duration bars, not flush like in the video. Also getting double ups of cooldown timers on most of the abilitys, had to manually untick the cooldown option in display and leave the %p in the other field

    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      Hey, the double cooldowntimers are because of more addons who use this option ElvUI/Omnicc. About the placement; can only think about you running another resolution.
      Also make sure WA’s is always up to date.

  • Stevejabz Reply

    Do you have plans to update after the talent tree changes to the Havoc weak aura set?

  • Stevejabz Reply

    This is so awesome!

  • Leon Solis III (@Krazyito) Reply

    i think comments are broken? not sure been trying to get them to work.. but WAGo dev added embeds today, if you didn’t notice.

  • Leon Solis III (@Krazyito) Reply

    I recommend trying to host your auras on http://WAGO.io Its basically just like pastebin but it also gives you the options to categorize them for other people to search, you can add descriptions to your website and also change custom code from within the website. Last thing I’ll mention is ‘version history’ you can actually go back to previous versions you have uploaded incase something goes wrong.

  • fizl Reply

    I get a error when copying the main string .. all other one’s work

    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      It is fixed now, cheers for the feedback.

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