Havoc Demon Hunter Weakauras

Havoc Demon Hunter weakauras preview

Weakaura strings

7.1 Havoc-Felrage (press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MAIN:  Last update: 11-01-2017

Misc cooldowns auras(press to expand)

  • Felrage Havoc MAIN:  Last update: 11-01-2017


Last update: 29-01-2017.



Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Help! I do not get the same look and/or icons stay dark and alpha does not work!
Make sure to DISABLE addonskins for Weakauras within Elvui.


  • Fumantau Reply

    I like your WA but Fury bar is not changing its color when above 40 fury. anything I can do?


  • Teeth5000 Reply

    I really am enjoying these WA’s but they are in desperate need of an update or some tuning. Would love to see a Havoc 2.0. Thanks

  • iBrasco Reply

    I love the WA, but anyway I can turn it off while out of combat so the display isnt always shown in the middle of my screen?

    • Teeth5000 Reply

      For whatever display you don’t want to see, open up WA click on that display and go through the options to see if you can change it to ‘In Combat’

  • Ikalo Reply

    Still using these WA, nicely done. But the issue I am seeing is that Momentum is not showing up as a bar at all, where it counts up like meta. It shows up during the test of the WA but not when the buff is active. Could it be just a spell pointer change or something?

  • kzsolti Reply

    I love this wa strings. But, I have a problem. I import everything from this site, but there is no effect (visual) when the ability is useable. For example: vengeful retreat. It’s not on cooldown, but the icon didn’t change.

  • Ascar Reply

    I liked your weakauras, but they were way to big for my taste, so i scaled them down. Additionally i made them now use the OmniCC cooldown timers instead of the wa progress texts. Here is a gist: https://gist.github.com/dfherr/ca6399a2206c5a2563a4bc2d83f57a40 You can use it for a scaled down version and publish it as yours, if you like

    • iBrasco Reply

      Anyway you can help me? I don’t like the WA always displaying on the screen. Can you tell me how to turn off the display out of combat?

  • Crestfallen Reply

    Caith doesn’t seem to show up as a skin option under Masque. The only things I see are Blizzard, Dream and Zoomed. Also is this supposed to replace the main Blizzard action bar? Because mine is still there.

  • Josh Reply

    I for some reason can not get this to work and look like the WeakAura for Havoc DH shown in the Video. I’ve tried importing the strings and some of it works but then the GCD for the buttons does not work, so I’ve tried combing the strings that doesn’t work. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here as i would really like to be able to use this.

  • KaKaRoT Reply

    I was having some trouble with the Demon’s Bite/Chaos Strike fury indicators displaying incorrect values when I had artifact points in Contained Fury (raising fury cap over 100). I managed to fix the issue by editing the custom strings associated with those auras:


    local maxpower = (UnitPower(“player”)/UnitPowerMax(“player”))*(UnitPowerMax(“player”))
    return math.floor(maxpower)


    local maxpower = (UnitPower(“player”)/UnitPowerMax(“player”))*100
    return math.floor(maxpower)

    I didn’t see anyone else mentioning the issue, but I thought you might like to know in case you are working on a V2.


    • Teeth5000 Reply

      I couldn’t get this to work for me, it’s always somewhere around 4-5 incorrect amount of Fury

    • Ayeto Reply

      The new code didn’t work for me, so i try to edit by myself

      local maxpower = (UnitPower(“player”)/UnitPowerMax(“player”))*147
      return math.floor(maxpower)

      Remplace “147” by your actual max fury, and it should work well

  • dougwildes Reply

    For some reason I don’t see my bar CD for my interrupt Consume Magic. Did you take this out in a recent build?

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