Out of combat UI preview

A small preview on the UI I am working on, an out of combat minimalistic view.

Felrage UI preview
Felrage UI preview
















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  • thommy Reply

    Sup, anything new about your UI? More pics or something to get idea how it will look in combat etc? Thanks.

    • Matthew Winning Reply

      I 2nd this..I can’t wait to use it. Was hoping it would be ready for the DH release

  • Drjaye Reply

    Hey mate, don’t mean to bug you or anything but any idea when this UI will be complete and perhaps ready for download?

  • Nelson Reply

    I too want to get my hands on your UI. Additionally, are you entertaining the idea of crafting more WA strings for other classes and specs? If so, might I suggest warrior and death knights. Thanks again!

  • Mephys Reply

    I’m in love with this UI and WeakAuras you provived …it brings the joy of play as a Rogue 😀
    Great work!!

    I cannot wait to try it 😛

      • Mephys Reply

        Thank you very much i’ll appreciate mate! 😉
        Once again, great work!

  • Felkite Reply

    I cannot wait for you to complete this. I love the minimalist look of this. great work!

  • thommy Reply

    WIll it be compatible with 1920 resolution? I mean sometimes its messed at that resolution.

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