Outlaw rogue weakauras

As I main a rogue til the arrival of Demon Hunters I decided to go with an outlaw spec (how bad or good it is I really do not know), so here is the set of Weakauras I use at the moment:



  • withac Reply

    So when I import and start moving and using the WA addon – the icons for the abilities seem to have a gray tint over them and never actually become fully lit up when they can be used. Any idea on how to change this so that the abilities so in full color when they are off color or ready to be used?


  • Nick Reply

    I’m having an issue where my dmg numbers wont show up, any idea what I did wrong? besides that the ui looks great and works amazing

  • royalcrown28 Reply


    I forked this Weak Aura, and added some additional functionality. You will get a sound warning when your Roll the Bones buffs are expiring in the next 8 seconds. When you have no buffs, sound will play and flashing text will display. I have also reordered the buffs based on general highest priority from left to right. I’ve also made -MAX CP- text more prominent.

    • Vimez Reply

      I have a problem pasteing it back to Weakauras. Got “decompression error”. Could u give any tips how to paste it properly?

  • Brett Murphy Reply

    Hi Great WA. what is the sword icon that comes up on Adrenaline Rush Representing? I don’t see it all the time and I can’t work out what it is for.

    Once again Great WA i use all of yours for my Rogue and Demon Hunter

    • seppu Reply

      it’s when you have true bearing buff rolled.

  • Mephys Reply

    Hi Sov, great work about WAs 😉

    I just lost the imports after a new install, any change to upload the “circular” outlaw weakauras? I can’t fint it 🙁


  • Stuart H Reply

    Great auras, very nice and clean. I do have one problem though. They seem to load for all classes, not just on my rogue. I do know how to alter this in the settings, however, every time I try to check the Player Class box, my game crashes. So currently I have to delete them if I am not playing my rogue.

    • Stuart H Reply

      I found the issue.

      ‘Combat enter’, ‘Combat leave’ and ‘Combat enter M’ did not have a setting to only load for Rogues. Changing this seems to have fixed the issue.

      • Sov - Felrage Admin
        Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

        Yeah as they are “general auras” for me (only playing rogue atm), will change it now, cheers for reporting 😀

  • Nelson Reply

    Hey Sov,

    2 requests regarding your WA. 1) Would it possible to default the strings to load only in combat. We can of course change any that we want visible out of combat, but your strings are quite long and each time I try to change them to in-combat only, the game/PC hangs. 2) specifically regarding the Outlaw string (which is amazing btw)…can you default it to only load when on a rogue and in the outlaw spec? Again, I’ve attempted to change the main group and it just locks up my system.


    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      Will check into in combat only, the current main string has all loaders on outlaw only

      • Nelson Reply

        That’s what I though, but it’s autoloading on my Disc priest…nothing but the combat enter/leave shows, so it’s not horrible, but thought you should know.

  • nvL TV (@nvL_TV) Reply

    Any chance we can get this kind of amazing attention to the subtlety spec? Love the work.

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