Outlaw Rogue Weakauras

Outlaw rogue weakauras preview

Weakaura strings

Outlaw Rogue main (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue main

Outlaw Rogue misc cooldowns (press to expand)

  • Outlaw Rogue misc cooldowns :


* Death from Above only turns green when Andrenaline Rush is NOT up and you have max CPs.
* Run Through only shows up when it is used best.

Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Can I use the Weakauras only at max level?
No, you can use these Weakauras at any level, abilities you do not have yet will simply not show up, but will, once you level up and/or take the new talent(s).


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    Could you make this same setup for a feral druid, please?

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