Subtlety rogue weakauras

As I main a rogue til the arrival of Demon Hunters I decided to go make an Subtlety spec as well, so here is the set of Weakauras I use at the moment:



  • Corey Reply

    Appreciate the weak auras.

    One quick thing I noticed was that the shadowstrike / backstab indicators don’t seem to account for the subterfuge talent (icon switches back to backstab while you’re still able to shadowstrike). May want to consider adding that to the conditions.

    • Sov - Felrage Admin
      Sov – Felrage Admin Reply

      Might have something to do with the subterfuge bug, will check it when I am back home tonight and change the strata of shadowstrike to always be on top of backstab one (the trigger is set to action useable, so always when shadowstrike can be used it lights up atm).

  • Dan Reply

    Doesn’t support the Deeper Stratagem talent that provides 6 combo points–any way to tweak it?

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