Vengeance v2 Demon Hunter Weakauras

Vengeance v2 Demon Hunter weakauras preview

Weakaura strings

Felrage Vengeance v2 MAIN (press to expand)

  • Felrage Vengeance v2 MAIN: 

Felrage Vengeance v2 ROTATION (press to expand)

  • Felrage Vengeance v2 ROTATION: 

Felrage Vengeance v2 CDS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Vengeance MISC CDS: 

Felrage Vengeance v2 SIGILS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Vengeance v2 SIGILS: 

Felrage Vengeance v2 TIMERS (press to expand)

  • Felrage Vengeance v2 TIMERS: 


Make sure to have installed Weakauras2 & Masque (go into Masque-options & choose the Caith option for Weakauras, this will give your buttons the same look as in the video)

Can I use the Weakauras only at max level?
No, you can use these Weakauras at any level, abilities you do not have yet will simply not show up, but will, once you level up and/or take the new talent(s).

All cooldowns of abilities will only be visible when used to track their cooldown, the rule here is: no icon = off cooldown.

Credits for the rotationaura to Redfella.


  • Drayarr Reply

    I am having an issue with the Rotation Helper bit. Its always suggesting Felblade even when its on cooldown.

    • Stuart H Reply

      Any luck getting this fixed? Same issue for me, gets stuck on Felblade when it gets to it.

      • Drayarr Reply

        I just specced fel eruption instead to get past it for now. Until we get a fix.

        • Stuart H Reply

          I had gone Flame Crash, lol

  • Nelson Reply

    Hey Sov, do you keep revision nunbers so we know when an update has occured?

  • Felon Reply

    Nice Schiller Track tho ! And i love ur weakauras(all of them), AWESOME JOB !!!!!

  • mog Reply

    Great work, thank you very much 🙂

  • Gabriel Chacon (@chrixitochacon) Reply

    Felrage Vengeance v2 TIMERS dont work, the msg is “error deserializing supplied data is not aceserealizer data (rev 1)”

    • Sovin - Felrage Admin
      Sovin – Felrage Admin Reply

      Must be a problem on your side, make sure WA’s is up to date, imported it on 2 PC’s and no problem.

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